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  1. These Terms and conditions define the terms of use of the services provided by Pro-Fit Catering, which is based in Den Haag 2531AM Troelstrakade 523
  2. In cases not governed by these Terms and conditions, the provisions of Dutch law shall apply.
  1. Services – Preparation and delivery by Pro-Fit Catering meals in sets.
  2. Customer – an adult natural person or an economic operator using the services.
  1. The subject of the Order (“order”) is a service or service in the customer’s choice, one of the following options (“Set”):
  1. Each meal is delivered in a hermetically sealed container, with an informative description of the order in which they are consumed, placed together with the other meals included in the set, in the packaging – paper bag.
  2. Each diet set from Catering Pro-Fit offers a set of between 3 and 8 meals per day.
  3. The Menu located on the website www.profitcatering.nl is an example. We reserve the right to change the menu.
  4. The prices of the individual kits in force on the date of submission of the respective order are set out in the Pro-Fit Catering pricelist (“Price List”), available at www.profitcatering.nl (the “Price List” tab)
  1. The services are ordered by the person wishing to use the services (the “purchaser”):
    • Through the appropriate form, available at www.profitcatering.nl available 24 hours a day.
    • By phone at Tel:
      + 31647-953-326 or + 31619-696-485
  2. The order is deemed to have been submitted upon receipt by the purchaser of confirmation of receipt by e-mail, containing: Customer data, selected diet variant, delivery address, supply dates and other relevant Order information, or SMS confirmation.
  3. Available forms of contact are by phone, e-mail, via SMS and via the customer panel on the website.
  4. Orders placed on Monday will be processed on Wednesdays.
    Orders placed on Tuesday will be executed from Thursday.
    Orders placed on Wednesday will be processed from Friday.
    Orders placed on Thursday will be executed from Saturday.
    Orders placed on Friday will be processed from Sunday.
    Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed from Tuesday.
  5. The condition necessary to fulfill the order is to show confirmation of the payment made by the customer.
  6. When placing an order, the customer is obliged to provide his/her personal data, the delivery address of the catering together with other relevant information and the telephone number.
  1. In addition to the information required by default when placing an order, the purchaser is obliged to inform the Pro-Fit dietetic Catering about any health complaints, including food allergies and other illnesses or ailments, As well as metabolic diseases.
  2. The suggested shelf life is 36 hours from the time of delivery.
    Recommended storage temperature, below 7 degrees.
  3. Acceptance and completion of the order – including the information referred to in para. 4 above, does not constitute the responsibility of the Pro-Fit dietetic Catering for any possible adverse effects of the client, or a negative reaction of the organism to a set of ingredients, in particular because of lack of knowledge of Pro-Fit Catering of the remaining Customer’s fluids and products.
  1. The Ordering Party is obliged to pay for the Order in one of the following ways:
    • IDeal payment or transfer to a bank account
  2. Pro-Fit Dietary Catering is entitled to refrain from fulfilling the Order to receive the payment for a given order, providing the Employer with relevant information by phone or email.
  1. Delivery of ordered meals takes place on the following days:
    – Monday: Tuesday
    – Tuesday: Wednesday
    – Wednesday: Thursday
    – Thursday:  Friday
    – Friday: Saturday and Sunday
    – Sunday: on Monday
    The order is delivered between 15:00 and 23:30 – it is a set of three to eight meals, depending on the order placed by the client, on the next day starting from breakfast.
    In case of holidays, public holidays and “long weekends”, Pro-Fit diet catering may plan deliveries in a different system than standard, informing about customer changes in advance.
    – The delivery cost for a 7-day package is 9.95e for the duration of the package purchased.
    – The delivery cost for a 20-day package (excluding weekends) or a 30-day package is 24.95e for the duration of the package purchased.
    – If we provide several sets for one address, the fee is one.
    – In the event of delivery outside of the aforementioned cities, we reserve the right to charge costs individually.

    The customer has the option to provide preferred / optional delivery hours. The supplier reserves the right to deliver the order at times other than those preferred by the client, keeping the time period.
    If the Customer fails to collect Orders due to the absence of a person authorized to accept the Order or any other circumstance / circumstances not notified by 14:00 on the day preceding the Delivery or incorrect delivery address details, the subject of the Order shall be deemed delivered effectively. In this case, the Customer is not entitled to claim reimbursement for the Order in the part attributable to the given day or to report any other claims for not receiving the Order.

  1. In the event of independent and not guilty factors Pro-Fit Catering (eg weather conditions, decisions of state services, etc.), causing difficulties or disruptions of delivery, the company is not responsible for non-delivery of catering, and customers are not entitled to submit a complaint. In such cases, the compensation will be determined individually
  1. The Customer is entitled to change the Order in the part concerning: dates of individual deliveries or delivery address (in the area of ​​the company’s activity). The change is considered to have been made when the Customer received a confirmation message from Pro-Fit Catering.
  2. The customer is entitled to cancel the Order on the day selected by him no later than at 15:00, 2 working days before the planned cancellation of the Order.
  3. The Client is obliged to inform Pro-Fit Catering about the intention to change or cancel the Order on a given day by calling the phone number 0647-953-326 or 0619-696-485 between 9:00 and 18:00
  4. The order is extended by the number of days for which the Customer has exercised the right to cancel the Order. The Customer is not entitled to claim reimbursement for the Order due to its partial cancellation.
  5. In case of cancellation of the order package, we do not refund the unused funds.
    In case of changing the diet during the order for a package with a higher value, the customer is obliged to make an additional payment no later than at 14:00 the day before delivery.
  1. In the event of non-compliance of the subject of the Order or the manner of its implementation with the Order placed or these Regulations, the Customer is entitled to submit a complaint (“Complaint”) within 2 business days of the order. any complaints after this date will not be considered.
  2. The complaint should be submitted via e-mail at: profit.catering@interia.eu or by phone at + 31647-953-326 or + 31619-696-485
  3. Complaints are considered to be made when the Customer receives confirmation of acceptance of the complaint.
  4. The complaint will be processed no later than within 7 days from the date of receipt by the Customer confirmation of acceptance of the complaint.
  5. If the subject of the complaint is included, the Pro-Fit Diet Catering will inform the Customer about the possibility of replacing the subject of the Order on a given business day or compensation for non-compliance with the subject of the Order by telephone or email.
  6. In the event Pro-Fit Dietary Catering determines that the Complaint is unjustified in particular due to the compliance of the Complaint with the Order, Pro-Fit Diet Catering will inform the Customer about the failure to take into account the Complaint within a maximum of 7 days, providing reasonable justification.
  7. If the Complaint is not included in accordance with paragraph 5 above, lack of possibility to provide the Client being the subject of an exchange of meals or meals for reasons attributable to the Customer or failure to return the advertised meal or meals to the representative (courier) Pro-Fit Dietary Catering, who provided the Customer with a meal or meals to exchange, Catering The Dietetic Pro-Fit will be payable for the amount corresponding to the value of the meal or meals delivered to the Customer in accordance with the currently valid Pro-Fit Dietary Dietary Price List.