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Gluten free diet

The basis of your meals will be different kinds of vegetables and fruits and meat, plus eggs and dairy.

Posiłek z diety gluten free

Is this diet right for me?

In the case of gluten intolerance or diagnosed hypersensitivity to products containing its significant amounts, we use substitutes, completely omitting cereal products, adjusting the menu in such a way as to maintain the balance of macronutrients.

Number of meals available

3 meals


4 meals


5 meals

Second breakfast


  • Ceny ponieżej są cenami za dzień

3 posiłki

  • 1200 kcal €22.90

4 posiłki

  • 1500 kcal €25.90
  • 1800 kcal €26.90

5 posiłków

  • 1800 kcal €27.90
  • 2200 kcal €29.90
  • 2500 kcal €30.90
  • 3000 kcal €32.90

6 posiłków

  • 3000 kcal €33.90
  • 3500 kcal €34.90
  • 4000 kcal €36.90

7 posiłków

  • 4500 kcal €37.90

8 posiłków

  • 5000 kcal €38.90

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Do not lower the selected caloric value

If you want to lose weight quickly and safely, do it wisely!
If you need a consultation on the selection of a nutritional plan, it is always good to consult us by phone or arrange a free consultation before making the purchase, in order to maximize the desired results. We are at your disposal every day, advice on choosing a nutritional plan is free.

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Order your diet today and our chefs and nutritionists will take care of the rest. Here you will find an effective diet for losing weight and gaining weight.

There is nothing like a healthy and fast diet!

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