What is a balanced diet?

We know that most of our customers expect individual treatment. This is understandable, but not everyone understands the principles of how our services work and what we have to offer. The diets that we supply are intended to provide the right amount of calories that when regularly consumed, will help achieve your desired goals. They are primarily aimed at stabilizing the consumption of macro-nutrients in daily mode. A common mistake is to confuse a balanced diet with a personal diet. In the case of a balanced diet that is included in the offer of our catering, we make sure that people ordering our food primarily receive something that will be a full-fledged food, we also care about taste and diversity, although it is essential to keep the macronutrient balanced. In this case:

15-20% Protein
50-60% Carbohydrates
25-30% Fats

Of course, if there are any food intolerances, chronic diseases, allergies or a person simply does not like something, we note this at the beginning and try to eliminate unwanted products from the diet of such a client, but it still remains as a balanced diet.

What is the difference between a balanced and personalized diet?

Good question… The answer is simple. In case of a personalized diet , direct contact with the customer is required. We then arrange for an individual consultation, we conduct an interview to be able to precisely determine individual needs, and to choose a key model of nutrition for an isolated case. We provide then the service of arranging such a nutritional plan that will be adequate to all factors affecting the state of things and assumptions that we would like to implement.

Such a service is available with an advance appointment by telephone, but we do not supply you with catering meals. In the case of personalized diets, we provide periodic care over the client whose scope consists in arranging an individual diet plan, and a training plan tailored directly to the client’s needs. The cost of such a service is 99 €/month in which the customer receives:

  • Individual consultation with a nutritionist/trainer
  • setting up of the nutrition and training plan
  • Once a month, one to one personal training at the gym

You can purchase additional training sessions with a prior appointment. The cost of the session with the personal trainer is determined individually.

Individual consultations

It is possible to arrange for individual consultations with our Nutritionists in order to inform how we should proceed to nourishing ourselves well, wisely and of course healthfully. We only pass on factual knowledge, we explain the methods of handling in isolated cases. The cost of such an individual consultation is 35 €/h where at this price the specialist will explain the principles of nutrition and advise on what to pay attention in our case to eat healthfully and feel good.

Training plans

Our team are not only Dietitians. What we do is necessarily combined with sport. In our staff we have qualified personnel trainers who will help you arrange a clever and of course, tailored to you training plan that will allow you to quickly and effectively accomplish your goals and achieve your desired result. The cost of arranging such an individual training plan is €35.

We do not use any templates for the planning of nutrition and training plans! The customer counts and its individual needs, so using our services you are guaranteed that you will not be served on the principle of>”Copy paste”

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